Closing Commercial Real Estate Loans Faster

Closing Commercial Real Estate Loans Faster

The real estate market is booming. Depending on what area you’re looking in, sometimes the market can’t keep up with what’s happening. What this means is that there are some incredible deals out there for investors, and the opportunities to turn those properties into a big profit. However, the only investors benefiting are those that have the means to purchase and purchase fast!

Purchasing real estate, especially from an investment standpoint, requires one of two things—either excess capital or access to a great lender. While someone purchasing a home, as his or her primary residence may be able to borrow from a bank, bank financing is inherently slow. There are many regulations in place that govern banks and slow down the approval process for the borrower. In a highly competitive real estate marketplace, you may not have time to wait! That’s why it is vital to establish a relationship with a private lender.

Fast Real Estate Loans from Private Lenders

A private lender can fund loan requests quickly, sometimes within a week to ten days from the day the request was made. Compare this to how long it takes to get approval from a bank and you can see the benefits. Once you, as a buyer, have made a connection with and established a track record with a private lender, you will be able to take advantage of buying opportunities that allow you to act quickly. Working with the right lender for your commercial real estate loan can be the key to getting those great deals.

Fast loan approval is important because sellers are more willing to work with a buyer that has cash or a relationship in place with a lender. If you work with a regular bank for your commercial real estate loan you may miss out on the best real estate opportunities.

Alternative Financing

Another option for some small businesses and investors is alternative financing. We are willing to do everything possible to say “yes” to investors, as your growth benefits not only you, but the community and economy as a whole. We can help you look into the alternative financing options that will best serve your business, now and in the future—and like our other lending options, we make the process fast. If you are a small business or a real estate developer/investor and have sufficient equity in your real estate holdings, we can fund your loan request within one week to ten days.

If you are ready to connect with a private lender that understands your need as an investor for fast capital, reach out to We have provided private loans and alternative financing to investors just like you since 2008. If you’d like to learn more about our services, check out our video page. We would love to show you the difference a great private lender can make to your business.