Owner-Occupied Homes and Primary Residences

One of the biggest obstacles for borrowers seeking alternative financing is the inability to use an owner-occupied home as collateral. Many private lenders are unwilling to fund loans backed by a borrower’s primary residence. Worth Avenue Capital, LLC, however, has a long history of financing against owner-occupied homes. In our experience, this flexibility has allowed a far greater number of borrowers to access the credit they need when other private lenders were unable to help.

A primary residence is often a borrowers largest source of equity, and the ability to access that equity to finance a business opportunity or expansion can be instrumental in the growth or repositioning of a business. Banks and other private lenders are often prohibited from lending to borrowers pledging a primary residence as collateral by their operating agreements or management committees. Operating as a direct private lender rather than a “fund” structure affords Worth Avenue Capital, LLC flexibility in its real estate collateral options and underwriting criteria. That flexibility allows Worth Avenue Capital, LLC to work with a wide range of borrowers to secure the funding they need.

Worth Avenue Capital, LLC is willing and able to lend against a primary residence. Please reach out to Michael Ciaburri at Worth Avenue Capital, LLC to see if a we can help your business obtain the funding it needs.