Worth Avenue Capital Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from some of our clients.

Private and Commercial Lending Solutions

“I was having difficulty dealing with my bank. My business is growing yet every time I try to obtain more working capital for the business, the bank gives me a tough time. I hired Michael Ciaburri of Worth Avenue Capital and he achieved immediate results for me with my bank. On two separate occasions, Michael has convinced the bank to lend me additional capital to help fund our growth. I will continue to utilize WAC’s expertise every time I need more capital for my business”



Debt Restructuring and Business Financing

“I was in a precarious position with my bank in that I borrowed a lot of money from them a few years earlier to fund a real estate development project and the bank was anxious to receive full payment from me despite the soft real estate market. They even began litigation against me and tried to force me to pay the bank’s very expensive legal bill. Because of the distressed economy, I was unable to sell the property to pay off the bank and the pressure was mounting. I hired Michael Ciaburri of Worth Avenue Capital and he helped me successfully negotiate a Forbearance Agreement with the bank. By negotiating a Forbearance Agreement for me, WAC enabled me to avoid filing a bankruptcy; stopped the bank from bothering me for at least one year; and saved me well over $100,000 in legal fees; past due interest and collection costs. I will continue to engage in WAC’s services for all of my financing and workout needs”.



Small Busines Loans and Alternative Financing Liaison

“I am a real estate developer who is always searching for capital for new development projects and, as a result of the distressed economy, am having a difficult time obtaining fresh capital from the banks. I reached out to Michael Ciaburri of Worth Avenue Capital and he has now funded three separate real estate development projects for me within the last few years. As a result of his access to capital, I will be able to turn over these projects at a substantial profit without having to deal with the bureaucracy of the banks. I will continue to use WAC to assist me with funding new real estate projects.”