Worth Avenue Capital Testimonials

“As a very active real estate developer who handles multiple development projects simultaneously, I was very fortunate that I was referred to Michael Ciaburri of Worth Avenue Capital back in 2016 for my financing needs. Since 2016, WAC has funded at least ten different loans for me on a multitude of projects in Connecticut. All of these loans were funded by WAC very quickly and with no bureaucracy allowing me to put the capital to work in my real estate projects without delay. I plan on continuing to utilize WAC’s bridge financing products going forward for many years to come.”

-Mike L.-

“I have known Michael Ciaburri since 1990 from his days as a commercial banker when he made a commercial loan to my fledgling electrical contracting business. Fast forward to today, I am now a very satisfied borrower of WAC. Michael and WAC has provided financing for my real estate development company a few times over the last several years. WAC always moves very quickly to fund my loan requests in a very seamless and expeditious manner. I will continue to borrow money from WAC for all of my short term financing needs.”

-Dan C.-

“A few years ago, Michael Ciaburri of WAC reached out to me to advise me that his company was becoming active in providing construction financing in Florida. As such, I proceeded to work with Michael and WAC on a multi million dollar construction project in West Palm Beach, Florida. Specifically, WAC funded a multi million construction loan to my company to renovate a luxury condominium in a very well known building in WPB. WAC funded the loan in a very timely and professional manner and the transaction turned out to be very lucrative for all parties involved.”

-Roberto D.-

“My company builds luxury homes in Greenwich, CT. and I began borrowing money from WAC and Michael Ciaburri approximately four years ago. During that time period, WAC has funded at least six different short term bridge loans for my company for construction purposes. I have borrowed money from several other private lenders over the last several years but none of those private lenders can compete with WAC in terms of speed, professionalism and WAC does not subject my company with unnecessary bureaucracy. I am pleased that my company has developed a special business relationship with WAC and Michael Ciaburri and WAC will continue to be my company’s “go to” private lender for our construction financing needs.”

-Nina F.-

“My company is a small construction company that specializes in both residential and commercial construction. We have been borrowing money from WAC for approximately seven years. WAC has funded at least ten different loans to my company since 2017. WAC and Michael Ciaburri is an important ally to the success of my business and have acted as my company’s primary financier for my company’s construction financing needs.”

-John E.-

“My company is a mechanical contractor that has been in business for more than 75 years and we have a 50 year business relationship with Michael Ciaburri. We have borrowed money from WAC since their inception in 2008 and they have been our primary private lender over the past 16 years. When my company has needed to obtain financing quickly, WAC has always funded our loan requests in a rapid manner thus allowing us to obtain much needed working capital with no bureaucracy.”

-Steve R.-

“I was in a precarious position with my bank in that I borrowed a lot of money from them a few years earlier to fund a real estate development project and the bank was anxious to receive full payment from me despite the soft real estate market. They even began litigation against me and tried to force me to pay the bank’s very expensive legal bill. Because of the distressed economy, I was unable to sell the property to pay off the bank and the pressure was mounting. I hired Michael Ciaburri of Worth Avenue Capital and he helped me successfully negotiate a Forbearance Agreement with the bank. By negotiating a Forbearance Agreement for me, WAC enabled me to avoid filing a bankruptcy; stopped the bank from bothering me for at least one year; and saved me well over $100,000 in legal fees; past due interest and collection costs. I will continue to engage in WAC’s services for all of my financing and workout needs”.


“I have borrowed money from Worth Avenue Capital on two separate occasions for “fix and flip” projects in Connecticut. Their “high touch” service is outstanding and their loan approval and funding process is both quick and efficient. I plan on continuing to utilize WAC’s private lending services for my future financing needs.”


“I have known Michael Ciaburri for many years as my company was a customer of the bank in New Haven, Connecticut in which was the President and CEO. When obtaining bank financing became very difficult for my company in 2008, I turned to Michael and Worth Avenue Capital and they have funded and closed several different loans for my company over the last several years. WAC has provided my company much needed working capital when the banks continue to say no to us for our financing needs.”


“I am a real estate developer who is always searching for capital for new development projects and, as a result of the distressed economy, am having a difficult time obtaining fresh capital from the banks. I reached out to Michael Ciaburri of Worth Avenue Capital and he has now funded three separate real estate development projects for me within the last few years. As a result of his access to capital, I will be able to turn over these projects at a substantial profit without having to deal with the bureaucracy of the banks. I will continue to use WAC to assist me with funding new real estate projects.”


“I was recently referred to Michael Ciaburri of Worth Avenue Capital by a loan broker in order to restructure my small business’ debt. I found that WAC was the only private lender in the marketplace that would consider lending my company the money secured by a second mortgage on my commercial building. Mr. Ciaburri funded my loan request very quickly and with no bureaucracy.”


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