Second Mortgages

While many conventional lenders and providers of alternative financing are unwilling to provide capital in the form of a second mortgage, Worth Avenue Capital, LLC has a long and successful history of lending to borrowers pledging collateral in the form of a second mortgage.

Often, a second mortgage allows a borrower to preserve attractive financing rates from their properties’ initial mortgage. Worth Avenue Capital, LLC is more than happy to lend when a first mortgage already exists, especially when it allows clients to more effective operate, reposition, or grow their businesses.

If you have been unable to secure financing due to a lender’s insistence that they hold a first mortgage on the collateral, please reach out to Michael Ciaburri at Worth Avenue Capital, LLC to see if a second mortgage will help provide your business the capital it needs to be successful.

“I was recently referred to Michael Ciaburri of Worth Avenue Capital by a loan broker in order to restructure my small business’ debt. I found that WAC was the only private lender in the marketplace that would consider lending my company the money secured by a second mortgage on my commercial building. Mr. Ciaburri funded my loan request very quickly and with no bureaucracy.”

Bob W.