WAC Closes $565,000 Commercial Loan For Electrical Contractor

WAC Closes $565,000 Commercial Loan For Electrical Contractor

August 5, 2013

Worth Avenue Capital Closes A $565,000 Commercial Loan For An Electrical Contractor

Worth Avenue Capital, LLC is pleased to announce that it successfully closed a $565,000 commercial loan for an electrical contractor that is based in Northwestern Connecticut. The loan proceeds were used to restructure the company’s long term debt as well as provide them with additional short term working capital for their everyday cash requirements. The loan was funded by a Connecticut based community bank.

WAC’s client was not only having difficulty on its own finding a new commercial funding source but it also was having trouble finding the necessary time to undertake this time consuming search. Through WAC’s efforts, the company’s principals were able to refocus their efforts on operating their company while WAC was delivering to the company a
new commercial funding source who provided the necessary capital that the company was seeking.

This News was also published in The Commercial Record. Please see link to the article below: