Restructured Bank Loan for Fairfield County Restaurant

Restructured Bank Loan for Fairfield County Restaurant

July 5, 2011


Guilford, Connecticut – Negotiating forbearance agreements is only one of the many successful financial solutions Worth Avenue Capital offers businesses in the northeast. Recently, the aggressive financial boutique helped restructure a bank loan for a prominent, popular Fairfield County restaurant.

“Call it what you will,” said Michael M. Ciaburri, Principal Owner and Managing Partner of the Guilford-based firm, “cash flow problems, debt management issues, bank financing relations including forbearance agreements, or commercial mortgages and hard money needs – we can handle it all expediently.”

Worth Avenue Capital was founded to provide financial help to small and mid-size privately owned businesses trying to survive this relentless recession. Ciaburri, a former president and CEO of a Connecticut community bank, maintains a deep pool of private capital – a network of investors ready to fund companies unable to obtain conventional bank loans. “Our Fairfield County client is typical,” Ciaburri added. “In technical default on a large loan with its local bank, we stepped in to renegotiate the restaurant’s loan with a forbearance agreement, helping both the bank and its customer.” Ciaburri continued, “The recession has taken a toll on debt service and bank customer relationships. It’s our job to both consult and provide the needed loans and mortgages necessary to move forward.” Ciaburri concluded: “In this case, we were able to negotiate with the bank to restructure the high six figure balance that now allows the restaurant proper time to continue its business in this difficult economy. It also keeps the current bank/customer relationship vitally intact.”

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