Personalized Private Lending for Small Businesses

Personalized Private Lending for Small Businesses

During the last few decades, business transactions have evolved from being completed through personalized human contact to almost exclusively being completed through technology. This phenomenon is prevalent in the small business marketplace in which the typical small business must conform to completing its transactions through sophisticated technological platforms. Small business owners no longer have the luxury of speaking live or meeting with a human being in person to obtain assistance with completing their business transactions.

In concert with this development, Numerous large and medium size private lenders have followed suit with commercial banks and are subjecting their loan applicants to completing onerous online loan applications. These applications are characterized by the fact that the ultimate loan underwriting decision is being made by a “faceless” loan underwriter with whom the small business owner will never meet nor will this underwriter ever visit the business’ place of business.

This very impersonal loan underwriting method was formerly just exclusively utilized by large commercial banks. Now even private lenders in various market segments have pivoted from “high touch” personal service in which they had direct contact with the loan applicant to directing their loan applicants to computer based “formulaic” platforms that drive the lenders loan underwriting process.

At Worth Avenue Capital, we provide personalized service that focuses on meeting in person with each small business loan applicant at their primary place of operation and taking the necessary time not only to learn about the business but also get to know the principals that are leading the business. Our loan decisions are not made by computer models. As a result, our personalized approach is a linchpin to our business model that has given us a competitive advantage in the marketplace in attracting new commercial loan originations.

Worth Avenue Capital specializes in arranging debt financing for both small businesses and real estate developers/investors and also handles bank workouts for those same clients. You can learn more about WAC by taking a look at the website and Youtube videos or by contacting WAC’s principal, Michael M. Ciaburri at or (203) 605-4082. WAC maintains offices in both Guilford and Greenwich, Connecticut as well as Palm Beach, Florida. Be sure to follow @worthavecapital on Twitter for the latest lending news.